How We Got Here

I’ve been writing the Tales for many years now after an idea came to me:  What if the characters in myths were actual people, and their stories just got blown out of proportion over the centuries?  What would that look like?

And now here we are.

But it wasn’t until 2012 that I decided the Tales needed to take the next step from vague manuscript to something people could actually read. I did some researching, and some praying, and started to learn about the book industry.  The thing I learned most was there was no easy avenue to choose from. The book industry is a difficult place (like most arts) and is way more in flux now than ever. The Tales had a few extra features I wanted to include, so I chose what I thought was best at the time: the freedom of self-publishing.

March of that year I did a Kickstarter campaign to make it happen. And on April Fools, it succeeded in raising enough money for me to start my project with WestBow Press.  That was a surreal time in life, seeing so many friends, family, and strangers support my weird little story, and then going through the, a bit arduous, publishing process.

What I said about the book industry being in flux still remains to this day, if not more so. Everything is always changing. The internet and ebooks allowing tens of thousands of books to be released each month and the ocean of media people have to swim through to find anything created a challenge I never could have imagined.

And so I fell back on what books are supposed to be; what they were always meant to be: stories. Stories that are read and enjoyed by readers. Simple.

And that’s what this site is. Instead of trying for a second publishing and going through different editors and publishers and marketers, trying to gather up thousands of dollars or an agent, I just thought… Let them read it. So welcome to the site. A place where I don’t pander for you to buy the books, or expound more on the fascinating biography that is my life, blah blah blah. This site is the books, cut and dry.

You can read the whole series as it is so far, starting with book one, Discovery, completely for free. Soon, I will be releasing book two, Atlantis, on the site as well. A nifty web reader has been put together so you can still feel like you are reading a book, just to preserve a little of that well-loved feeling. But if that’s not to your liking, a pdf version will be available for download to your e-reader as well, for only a buck.

There is still a print copy of Discovery available for purchase, the fruits of the Kickstarter. But it’s more of a first edition now.  What’s on the site is a cleaner, stronger story than what’s in print, in my opinion.  I actually prefer it. So, if you’d like to own Discovery after enjoying it on the site, you can buy it but it won’t be exactly the same as what’s here. I do hope to continue publishing the series in the future, but the means and venue to do so haven’t quite come to me yet. Till then, this is the road we’ll travel!

Thank you for coming along into The Tales of True Mythology.  It’s been a journey getting here, and hopefully you’ll enjoy Logan’s journey into a world of myth and adventure!

Start the adventure here!