The Road We’ll Take from Here

So, here we are!

It’s unfortunately been four years since Discovery was published. And since then, it has been a learning experience for me in many ways. But now, Atlantis is finally done! And a lot of people are wondering, when will it be published?

To be frank, it won’t be. Not because I don’t want it to. It is still my desire to finish out the entire five books, fully published. But where I am now puts me in a unique pinch. Although I love Discovery, and still can’t quite believe it exists as a real book, I can’t bring myself to continue printing with WestBow, my current publisher. It was a difficult process and the post-publishing has been rough. For quality reasons, I don’t want to follow that path any longer.

I’ve been doing research for years now on what new avenue to take for the Tales, but haven’t found anything choice enough so far. The book industry is a strange, fluid, rigidly confusing world that at the moment makes no guarantees whatsoever. So, basically I could just as likely succeed and fail no matter what decision I make.

So, I choose you. Publishing, royalties, hardcopies… they can wait. What I desire most right now is for people to read my books. I’d just like to talk with people about the stories. And I want that to be as easy as possible for you. Which is why books one and two will be put up online to read for free. Yup, just click the link and tag along with Logan on his adventures through Katalon, pure and simple.

As for Atlantis, although finished, it’s going through a review and editing process at the moment, so it’s not available to read right now. But it will be in the coming months! I’ve spent this long anyway, and I want to make sure I can give you the best quality story I have. In the meantime, you can refresh your memory on what last happened with Logan and his mysterious book, True Mythology, by heading over here and rereading the full novel! I’ve prepared a nifty web reader for you to use that will capture a little of the magic of reading a regular book. (It may take a minute to load. It has to pull up the entire novel at one time). And I encourage you to read this version that’s posted online, because it’s been cleaned up and updated with new content that’s not in the print version! I like it more, to be honest.

If the web reader isn’t to your liking, I’ve also made a pdf version available for download that you can add to your e-reader, for only a couple bucks. Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy revisiting Logan and his friends again, or meeting them for the first time!

I will keep you updated on Atlantis’ progress and how soon you’ll be able to read it! Check back here or on the facebook for a, hopefully, more regular stream of posts and updates!

Thank you for being so patient and excited with me!

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