Where’s Atlantis?

I figured since I’m putting all my work up online with no strings attached, I might as well be as candid about the writing process as possible.  So here goes some transparency…

The question I get the most these days concerning my book is, “Where is the sequel?”

That is a good question.  Discovery does end a little unfairly (though I relish leaving readers like that).  Book Two, Atlantis, is currently about 80% complete.  A lot of it is written; there’s probably only  a handful of chapters missing.  I have the ending all ready in my mind, and I feel like the basis of the plot and story arc are good.

“So what’s taking so long?”

That, is also a good question.  One of the reasons I didn’t want to go the avenue of traditional publishing was the dread of the editor breathing down my neck, constantly urging me to churn out another book to feed the masses.  That, almost unfailingly, creates a sub-par book.  In my current situation, I have the freedom to really mull over my stories, and make sure they are as good as I can make them.

That’s why it’s taking so long.  Partially.  The book is pretty good, but not great.  I like the direction it’s taking, but something is missing.  In book two, they travel to Atlantis to continue the story.  Part of the problem is I’m not entirely pleased with the Atlantis I’ve come up with.  The culture seems a little too familiar to other Atlantis’ I’ve seen before.  I want to do something a little unique with them.  Their city is cool and one of a kind, but the attitude of its citizens hasn’t quite found that niche yet.

A weird part is that I’m having trouble writing the funnest part of the book to write.  When I was laying Atlantis out, the third act sounded very fun to me.  It’s when a lot of action and exploring happens, and I really get to play with the fantasy of the world.  But for some reason, the push from Act 2 to Act 3 just doesn’t have enough umph for me to really take advantage of it.  So, I’m trying to make it culminate in a more interesting and momentous springboard at the end of Act 2 that can propel readers into a really adventurous finale.

Writers really complain about the strangest things…

Plus, this is the third year I’ve been writing this book.  I tend to get a little rundown at this stage of working on the same story for so long (hence my focus on writing for Venture Badges, and starting to write my screenplay for a movie).  But I will finish this book! Actually, my goal is to have it finished and at least started being posted online before the end of the year.

It’s coming, just not as fast as I’d like.  I will keep posting on here about the progress to let you know how things are going.  Maybe even get a little help from you guys on the parts where I’m stuck.


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